LIMINAL ZONE – here we go

First Café Drechsler Virtual Reality 360° Video

Enjoy Café Drechsler very first Virtual Reality 360° Video. This has been filmed and recorded at the Vienna based Supersense by René Kornfeld and Andreas Kreimeier during our Live-To-Vinyl session on november, the 10th 2017. You’ll have the best audio and video experience with using headphones and turning the picture quality to 4K on your […]

A complete duo concert with Tord Gustavsen

Sometimes it happens during a concert that from the beginning up to the end the music just happens! One of those rare moments took place on the 9th of march 2017 at the MuTh in Vienna. Norwegian piano player Tord Gustavsen and me meet every couple of years to perform together one or two concerts. So […]

Ulrich Drechsler solo, first live videos

For more than a decade occasionally I followed up to the music of Thelonious Monk, composer & pianist and one of the real shining lights and individualists in jazz history. And I always had the dream to play these wonderful strong compositions full of brittle beauty in a solo context. So now I’ve started my journey […]