Ulrich Drechsler

.THE BIG EASY (2009)

  1. Appetizer
  2. Saxophone Player's Nightmare

Ulrich Drechsler: tenor saxophone/bass clarinet
Benny Omerzell: rhodes/keyboards
Patrick Zambonin: electric bass guitar
Jörg Mikula: drums
Zuzee: turntables


01 Appetizer
02 The Melt
03 The Big Easy
04 Riding With My Hero
05 The Furious Five (dark version)
06 Saxophone Player's Nightmare
07 Velvet Golden Glimmer
08 The Furious Five (light version)
09 An Emergent Classic
10 Final Prayer

all compositions & arrangements by Drechsler/Omerzell/Zambonin/Mikula/Zuza

Recorded at Hornyphone Recording Studio,
Vienna, 2009 by Dieter Herndl.
Graphic design: Katharina Haines

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